General Information


Contact one of the following service providers to arrange connection of your telephone line and provision of handset(s) if required:

Telstra: 13 22 00

Optus: 13 39 37

iPrimus: 1300 85 85 85


Origin is currently your local electricity supply authority. You are required to contact Origin to provide account details for records and billing of electricity to your apartment and to arrange for power to be turned on. To turn on power in your apartment, make sure that all circuit breakers and the main switch are in the on or up position. The switchboard is located in your apartment in either the laundry or pantry.

Origin: 13 24 61

Electricity is individually metered to your apartment. Please call Origin and have the electricity account put in your name. Supply is provided via the switchboard located within your apartment. The board is fitted with circuit breakers to each electrical circuit. These are designed to trip out if a fault develops in an electrical appliance. If the circuit breaker continues to trip out, an electrician should be called.


1. You DO NOT need to contact the gas authority to connect gas to your apartment as the gas supply is provided through the Body Corporate and forms part of your body corporate fees.

2. Gas is bulk metered to all apartment and is supplied to cooktop only. To turn the gas on, open the gas isolation valve located in either the cupboard under the cooktop, behind the top drawer or behind the microwave. To turn gas on/off for day use, use the cooktops controls.

3. No other gas connection is permitted without the express consent of the Body Corporate.

4. For further information regarding the cooktop, refer to Manufacturer’s Instruction Booklet.


Cold Water

South East Water is currently your local water authority. The cold-water meters and stop valves are located in the corridor service cupboard on your floor. You are required to contact South East Water to provide account details for records and billing.

South East Water: 13 18 51

24-Hour Emergency: 13 28 12

If you wish to stop the supply of cold water to your apartment for any reason, this can be done by turning off the stop valve. Each stop valve is labelled with the relevant apartment number. It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the location of the stop valve for your apartment.

Hot Water

Hot water is supplied to your apartment from a central gas-fired boiler unit with digital remote-read hot-water meters and isolation valves located in each apartment.

If you wish to stop the supply of hot water to your apartment for any reason, this can be done by turning off the stop valve. The hot-water meters and stop valves for the hot water supply are located within the ceiling space of the bathroom, accessible by a ceiling point.


Your apartment and the common areas of the building are fitted with a fire detection and alarm system. You must investigate the cause of any alarm and phone the fire brigade on 000 in the event of an emergency or if a sprinkler is accidentally set off.

As required by the fire safety regulations, the water within the sprinkler piping is continuously under pressure. This will release and flood the immediate area in the event of a fire, or if the sprinkler head is accidentally hit. The fire brigade is automatically informed if a sprinkler head is activated and will attend.

Fire brigade attendance to a false alarm is charged at about $800 per truck per 15 minutes or part thereof. A minimum of two trucks will attend (costs could therefore exceed $4000). If you have caused a false alarm, you will be charged for the call-out cost.

Please note: Your apartment, the car park and public areas of the apartment building are fitted with automatic sprinklers. It is very important that sprinkler heads are protected from damage.
In addition, please make yourself familiar with the exit routes and refer to your Body Corporate Evacuation Plan.


Damage to fire sprinklers can cause severe flooding to apartments and public areas. Call-outs for non-emergency or non-warranty items will be charged to you directly. DO NOT cover sprinkler heads in any way or hang/tie anything to or from them.


Your apartment is fitted with a video intercom system. This system allows remote opening of the secure apartment lobby entry door to the foyer on the ground floor. For your personal and building security, please allow only persons known to you to enter the building.


Your apartment is provided with plug-in points connected to a free-to-air digital television aerial located on the roof of the building. All stations are tuned at high frequency eg: UHF only.
Your apartment also has the capacity to receive a pay-TV service. The pay-TV company contacted to provide this service is Foxtel. Residents wishing to access this service can contact the provider for details of available services/payment options and installation of decoder box.


A garbage-disposal chute has been installed in the refuse rooms located on each floor. The rubbish-disposal chute can be used for general household waste, which must be contained in thick plastic bags. Maintenance and care instructions for the rubbish chute will be at the discretion of the Building Manager.

Receptacles will be provided in the rubbish room of each floor for recyclables that are divided into the following:

1. Paper, flattened cardboard only.

2. Glass, plastic and aluminium cans only.

All other waste to be taken to the receptacles provided on the ground-floor loading dock.


  • DO NOT leave any items in the refuse room or corridors – the refuse room should be kept clear at all times.
  • It is your responsibility to dispose of any items that cannot be disposed of through the rubbish chute.
  • Rubbish should be contained in sturdy, tied double bags.
  • The following materials should not be disposed of through the rubbish chute or left in the refuse area on each floor:

– Flammable liquids

– Unextinguished cigarettes

– Highly flammable items

The following items may cause blockage in or damage to the chute, which will inconvenience you and other apartment owners. DO NOT under any circumstances dispose of these in the chute:

  • Hard rubbish, glass, glass bottles, bricks, crockery. Appliances, etc.
  • Cardboard boxes. They are to be broken down and stacked flat. The Building Manager will advise you where you can place the broken-down boxes for collection.

Please make private arrangements for disposal of hazardous/hard rubbish/recyclables. In the event of blockage of the chute, please contact the Building Manager.


Four Lifts have been installed at YVE, two servicing the St Kilda Rd Tower and two servicing the Albert Park Tower.

Access to your floor and/or common areas is gained by presenting your electronic proximity card/tag across the proximity card reader in the lift. Once the proximity card/tag has been verified, you can gain access to your floor or the common areas by pressing the applicable floor button.

To enable visitors to use the lifts, the visitor must call the apartment using the intercom system and the apartment occupier must enable lift access by pressing the appropriate button on the intercom.

Please note: lift and floor covers are required when moving furniture in or out of the building at any time. Please contact the Building Manager to arrange lift-cover installation and book a time.

The dimensions of the lifts are appropriately:

Door Entry: 9m X 2.1m

Size of Lift is 1.4m wide X 2.7 high X 2m deep
Lifts- General Instructions

1. You must present your proximity card/tag to the proximity reader in order to gain access to your floor or the common areas.
2. Your proximity card/tag allows access to the floor of your apartment, pool/gym area and car park/storage levels.

3. Access to the ground floor does not require a proximity card.

4. Visitor access must be enabled from your apartment using the intercom.



(Lifts may be used in the tower only and only for the fire-affected floors and the floor above the fire-affected floors)


The common property is administered by the Body Corporate and comprises the following area:

  • All passage-ways, lifts and fire stairs.
  • Residential lobbies.
  • External façade of the building.
  • All leisure areas.
  • Car parks and all basement areas.
  • All external garden areas.

For further enquiries regarding these areas, please contact the Body Corporate or Building Manager.

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