Emergency Evacuation


At all times emergency services can be contacted by telephoning 000 for assistance. It is vital that you identify yourself, your location, the problem and the likely emergency service required.

Once you have dialled 000, please advise the Building Manager/Concierge of the details of your emergency.


First identify the cause of the problem. If the problem is within the common areas of the building, please contact the Building Manager on 9533 8550 or 0488 191 333. If the problem is within your own apartment, isolate the problem. If it is a water problem, shut off the water valve (refer to the Emergency Evacuation Plans and Services for location and information regarding shut-off valves). If it is an electrical problem, please isolate the meter board. After the problem has been isolated, you should then contact your Building Manager to have the problem rectified.


If you experience a maintenance/service problem is your apartment that requires urgent attention, please contact the Concierge.

First determine if the problem is a real emergency. If this is the case, identify the cause of the problem. If there is a problem in the common areas of the building, please contact your Building Manager or Body Corporate Manager.

If the problem is located within your apartment, isolate the problem if possible. If the problem can wait until the next working day, contact the Building Manager to arrange for repair. If you require service/repair immediately, please contact Concierge. Please note that if you utilise an independent service/repair contractor other than those listed with theBody Corporate, warranties may be voided and you may incur service fees.

Call out for non-emergency items will be charged to you directly.


In the event of a fire within the building, the automatic alarm and sprinkler system will come into operation. An evacuation tone will sound from the speakers located in the lift lobby area, corridors and from the apartment smoke detectors of the fire-affected and surrounding floors. When you hear the alarm sound you should alert all occupants in your apartment, turn off all gas and electrical appliances and evacuate the building immediately via the stairways and through the ground-floor lobby as detailed on the following plans.

This building is fire zoned on a floor-by-floor basis and evacuations will be managed accordingly. The automatic alarm system will only alarm the fire–and smoke–affected floors, plus the floor above and below, which will required to evacuate. All other residents should await direction from fire brigade officers or building management.

In the event of fire or fire alarm, the lifts are programmed to discharge their current occupants at ground level and then to serve only the fire-affected floors and one floor above. Upon arrival of the fire brigade, lifts will be switched to fire mode and will be controlled only by the fire brigade officers on site.

Evacuation from floors is by the fire stair and/or lift from fire-affected floors. Lift evacuation is designed to assist mobility-impaired residents. In the event of smoking filling a floor corridor/lobby area, mobility – impaired residents await fire brigade assistance on the fire stair landing.

Location of Emergency routes for each floor/apartment area shown on the following plans. The MFB will take control and manage the evacuation process once they arrive on site.

You are advised to familiarise yourself with the emergency exits and equipment on your floor.


The water meters and stop valves for the cold-water supply are located in locked corridor service cupboards of each floor. Each stop valve is labelled with the relevant apartment number.

The service cupboards are locked with keys held by the Concierge and the Building Manager. To access your cold-water meter or stop valve you should call the Concierge or the Building Manager.

Out-of-hours calls to the Concierge will be answered by security, who will provide assistance.


Fire Emergency Procedures

  • For your safety, you should note that Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures have been established for this building by the Body Corporate. You should familiarise yourself with the “Fire Evacuation – Emergency Plan & Fire Orders” and display “them” in your apartment. Further copies of “Fire Evacuation–Emergency Plan and Fire Orders” are available from The Knight Alliance.
  • The fire system at Yve Apartments is externally monitored. The whole building runs on an automatic sprinkler system. If there is a fire alarm, the MFB will automatically be advised.
  • The smoke detectors are hard wired inside your apartment, but DO NOT alert the Fire Brigade when they go off. The smoke detectors inside your apartment are there to alert the occupants of smoke/fire inside their apartment. If there is smoke filters into the common area, then the smoke detectors in the common area will alert the fire brigade immediately.

False Alarms

  • False Alarm Call Outs incur unnecessary expenses of approx. $4,000 each time. These costs are charged to the resident identified as being responsible in cases of negligence.

Avoiding False Alarms

To assist residents avoiding such occurrences the following situations are known to cause the alarm to be triggered:

  • Smoking in common areas; corridors, floor landings, lifts, stairwells, etc.
  • Utilisation of fire hoses for reasons other than a fire
  • Excess cooking smoke entering common area corridors from an apartment e.g. burning toast or other food (in non-dangerous situations only windows should be opened to allow excess smoke to escape).
  • Excess heat/steam entering common area corridors from an apartment e.g. When the apartment front door remains open during the steam cleaning for carpets.

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