How do I book the cinema?

Booking the Cinema is easy via the ONLINE booking function or alternatively with the concierge by requesting a booking for a specific time, followed up by filling in the correct paper work. The form is very brief and can be emailed or requested at the front desk.

I would like to use the Executive Lounge for a function, is that possible?

The Executive Lounge has grown in popularity for hosting small functions, with the pleasant aesthetics and the perfect size space it makes a good venue for the night to run smoothly. The room has a capacity of 50 and may require for you to have a extra concierge on to assist when required. The Executive Lounge can be booked ONLINE or by the completing the form at the front desk with Concierge.

How do I book the the Boardroom for a meeting?

Booking the Boardroom is easy via the ONLINE booking function or alternatively can be booked through the concierge, at the front desk or emailed through if required. Please be aware that a resident must be present for the length of the meeting and the booking facility is not booked out for external usage.

What can I place on the Building notice board in the Mail Room?

The notice board can be used to update residents on official building news, it is not for trying trying to sell personal items. Is makes it a very efficient medium for letting your community know about what is happening in and around the building or local community. The spirit is Community not Commercial!

Where is the Treatment Room? Do I have to book it?

Yes, and this can be done by the ONLINE booking form. The treatment room is located between the 2 change rooms in the pool facility. This requires a booking using the forms provided online or with Concierge. Public Liability Insurance of your therapist must be provide to the front desk prior to entering the room.

Why won’t my swipe let me into the Gym?

At Yve all new residents are required to complete a Gym Induction prior to entering and using the gym. Once completed and signed of by our Personal Trainer your swipe will be activated.
Please register for the next Gym Induction here.

What Utilities do I need to arrange?

The supply of common gas (stove tops) is provided by the Owners Corporation. All other utilities must be set up by the residents prior. You may use the provider of your choice for the phone, internet, Foxtel and electricity. Please note the main electricity switch in your apartment circuit board needs to be off prior to the electricity being connected.

Authority/ Utilities Contacts

Nearest Police Station- Chapel Street St Kilda: (03) 9536 2666
Metropolitan Fire and Emergency (MFB): (03) 9662 2311
City of Port Phillip Council: (03) 9209 6777
Water- South East Water: 132 812
Gas – AGL: 131 692
Electricity- Origin: 132 461
Telstra Connections: 132 200
Foxtel: 1300 788 162
Australia Post: 509 St Kilda Road

Where can I buy the light globes for the kitchen bench?

Most lighting specialists, Beacon Lighting St Kilda 366 St Kilda Rd

Trading Hours
Monday – Friday: 8.00am to 5.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am to 5.00pm

Phone: 03 9534 3222
Fax: 03 9534 8280
Email: stkilda@beaconlighting.com.au

Are pets allowed?

Yes – However pets are not allowed in the common areas other than entering and exiting the building directly through the front entrance (ground floor) or resident car parks only. Animals are not allowed in the greater foyer, mailroom or any of facilities areas. This includes Executive Lounge, Boardroom, Gym Cinema, and all wet areas.
Yve takes great pride in its gardens – please be advised that pets urinating on our lawns can result in in brown patches so please walk them down the road. Pets must be taken through the car park via basement level 1 or when necessary directly through the main entrance on the ground floor and always on a leash.

The power has gone out in my apartment – where is the circuit switch?

The circuit switch is the cupboard in or near your laundry on in the cupboard behind the door.

Power Failure, Tripped at the meter board

  • First Check meter board
  • Has circuit breaker been tripped to the off position? if so reset.
  • If the problem persists, you may have a faulty appliance. Ensure all appliances are off and try again.
  • If the power trips out again, consult your Real Estate Agent or Electrician
  • If the power failure appears to be caused by a supplier, surrounding buildings will also be blacked out.
  • Contact the supplier and enquire as to whether any faults have occurred in the area, and ask for the estimated time for the supply to be resumed.

All switches MUST be off when you are having your electricity connected.

Video Intercom/access system, Not functioning or no picture?

  • Check the contract button is set correctly.
  • It will adjust the picture from dim to bright.
  • Refer to the instruction sheet, if you don’t have one contact Concierge.
  • If the problem persists contact your agent or the building manager.

Defective door lock?

  • You should not encounter any problem with your locks.
  • Please DO NOT leave your key in the lock internally as this can jam the cylinder when entering the your apartment.
  • If the problem persists, your agent or a lock smith

My shower may be blocked – how do I clean the drain?

The tile in the drain is removable by gently lifting it with a screwdriver on one edge. Often hair builds up in the grill underneath causing poor drainage.

My shower head is blocked/partially working or has water coming out of the top – what is the problem?

After time the rubber ‘plugs’ to the large shower heads can become calcified and blocked. Gently rubbing or squeezing the plugs will remove the blockage and that outlet will again allow water through. This is also the case for the rubber ‘plugs’ that are not working.

How do I access the Visitor’s Car Park or arrange access for my visitors?

The visitor car park is available for your guest only to use when visiting. To make this service run smoothly, Residents must register a bay request with Concierge in ADVANCE. Register a car park bay online through the website or call the front desk direct. We require your guests car registration, registered apartment being visited and length of stay. A maximum stay time of 24 hours and no advance booking may result in guests being refused access to the car parks. Residents parking own vehicles into the Visitors car park will be refused entry.

What do I need to do when moving in or out or deliveries at Yve?

Move In/Out
You can make bookings online by filling out our Move In/Out form or printing the pdf and completing the details and faxing to the Yve Apartments Office.
Moves can be booked Monday to Friday and two time slots are available;
09:30hrs – 13:00hrs or 13:30hrs – 17:00hrs. In the interest of all Residents, deliveries to be allowed outside of these hours.
Moves and deliveries are NOT Permitted on Saturday, Sundays or Public Holidays
You are required to supply a copy of your removalist’s public liability insurance, or certificate of currency.
Note: Queens Lane is a CLEARWAY until 09:30hrs and the South East apron of the Residents’ Car Park Drive is NO STANDING. Concierge will help guide you on the day.

Special Notes:
Lift dimensions: 1390mm wide x 1965mm deep x 2400mm high
Lift doorway dimensions: 1000mm wide x 2200mm high
Car Park entrance height: 2150mm
Furniture or goods on trolleys must NOT be brought through the front entrance foyers off St Kilda road
Residents MUST contact Concierge upon arrival to carry out a common area inspection both prior to and upon conclusion. Mobile 0428 127 077, Office 9533 8550
Should any damage be caused costs will be retrieved from the resident.
All excess rubbish/packaging from relocations must be removed from garbage or common areas on each floor by the resident or relocations team.
Residents/Removalists who arrive without a confirmed booking will be refused access.
The lift will be for “Exclusive” service for a period of 3.5 hours only. If additional time is required, a time extension must be obtained in advance.
Protective curtains must be installed in the goods lift prior to commencing movement (Concierge will arrange this)


What do I do with all my empty boxes, hard rubbish and other moving material?

You must arrange for all relevant packaging materials etc to be removed from the Yve Apartments at your own costs.

What do I do I do if I damage any of the common areas?

You must report the damage to Building Management, and are responsible for the payment of any repairs. All repairs must be undertaken by an approved tradesman to the building.

What is the colour paint that was used in the apartments?

Taubmans Sienna Frost (the cream colour)

I need an extra set of Keys or an additional Swipe or Car Park Remote.


Tenants must order and arrange payment for keys and swipes directly through their landlord or agent.
Please download the following form for an additional key.

Apartment Works

Apartment Works must be approved by the Owners Corporation. Should you wish to install joinery, floorboards, tiles or replace the locks on your front door or any other major works, it must be within the approved guidelines of the Owners Corporations. Please complete a Building Works Application below and contact the Building Manager.

Blinds and Window Furnishings

The external facade or external appearance cannot change, replacement of blinds should be completed by Contemporary Blinds 0437753013 or Bracken Blinds 1300884838

What can I place on my balcony?

Outdoor furniture and and pot plants are fine, the external appearance of the building must remain the same. Therefore, no laundry, towels, mops, TV antennas or bikes etc are allowed. Additional the balcony cannot be used as a storage facility.

Hard Rubbish Removal

Residents must make their own arrangements to dispose of hard rubbish. Alternatively you can wait for our quarterly hard rubbish collection – see concierge for upcoming dates. The dumping of hard rubbish is not allowed in the common areas, should this occur, the offending apartment will be billed for its removal if outside of the quarterly hard rubbish collection times.

Need a contractor? Cleaner, plumber or electrician?

You may have your own contractors to assist however, feel free to use one of the contractors that know the building. Email the manager by clicking here.