Book Massage Therapy Room

  • All bookings are tentative, our concierge will process and confirm your booking with a confirmation email.
  • The following provisions apply to the use of the massage room area which much be observed by you and person under your control:
    1. The massage room must be booked with the Concierge prior to being used;
    2. The massage room can be used for a maximum period of 2 hours for any one booking;
    3. Hours of use are from 5:00 am to 12:00 midnight;
    4. If you request the services of a masseuse or other professional to utilize the massage room facilities for the purposes of providing a service you must ensure the professional providing that services has a minimum of $5,000,000.00 Professional Indemnity insurance. This must be provided to the Concierge prior to use of facility;
    5. The massage room must be left in a clean state with any oil spills cleaned and table cleaned;
    6. The massage room is only to be used for professional massage booked by you;
    7. Clean towels are to be used in the massage room at all times;
    8. You are liable for any damage to the massage room or massage table;
    9. Mobile phones or any camera devices are not permitted in the massage room at any time.

Please check availability on calendar before selecting a date/time.