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  • I acknowledge that I have read the below conditions of Owners Corporation PS 514665E consent in relation to any temporary access to, and use of, the Yve Apartments Common Property/ Facilities and I acknowledge my liability for such access and use and for the relevant fees/charges in respect thereto, and agree to such conditions and the applicable fees and charges for such use. I also understand and acknowledge that I take full personal responsibility for the access to, and all use of, the Facilities/Common Property including, without limitation, the actions/conduct of all of my invitees, licensees or third parties and I hereby, in consideration of the approval of this application being granted, indemnify and hold harmless Owners Corporation PS 514665E from and against all costs, charges and expenses in respect to any damage to, and or required cleaning of the Facilities/Common Property, associated with the permitted use of the Facilities or access to the Common Property.

    Conditions of Use

    As an Owner or Occupier of a lot I/We agree to comply with the following Conditions of Consent to use the Facilities
    1. Hours of use of the Facilities ("Facilities") are between 8:00 am and 11:30pm Monday to Sunday.
    2. The use of the Facilities must be booked in advance, in writing with the Concierge by completion of this form.
    3. The Facilities cannot be booked for longer than 3 hours for any one booking unless approved by the Chairperson (or his Delegate) of the Owners Corporation
    4. Only Owners or Occupiers (and no more than 8 accompanied guests – total 10) may use the Boardroom unless prior written approval from the Chairperson (or his Delegate) of the Owners Corporation has been given. The Owner or Occupier must remain continuously in attendance during any reserved booking.
    5. The Owner or Occupiers (including their guests) must not smoke in the Facilities.
    6. Undue noise is not permitted in any of the Facilities.
    7. The consumption of food or alcohol whilst in the Facilities is not permitted without prior written approval from the Chairperson (or his Delegate) of the Owners Corporation.
    8. The Owner or Occupiers must leave all Facilities in the condition in which they found them.
    9. The Owner or Occupiers must advise the Concierge if they will be utilizing the kitchen services in the Boardroom. The kitchen area is only to be used for 'warming' not for cooking. It must be cleaned and left in the condition in which it was prior to function. The Owners Corporation has the right to charge the person booking the Facilities for cleaning costs if the kitchen is not found to be adequately cleaned after use.
    10. The Owners Corporation will require a bond of $500 (payable in cash/cheque) to book a private function in any of the Facilities whenever food and/or drinks will be served at the function. This bond will be returned to the booking party provided the facility is left in the condition in which it was received prior to event. In addition to the bond, the Owner or Occupier must pay for the Concierge Security Service at $50 per hour directly to the Service Provider prior to the commencement of the event.
    11. The Facilities must not be used for any commercial purposes
    12. Users of the Facilities do so at their own risk.
    13. Granting consent is subject to the Owners Corporations Rules and these Conditions and such are subject to change without notice.

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