logoIt’s not often that you can confuse a high-rise residential apartment building with a piece of sculpture. But that is exactly what architects have tried to invoke with the design of YVE. This magnificent building is in Melbourne’s most prestigious Boulevard. YVE is moulded around a piece of art as architecture. Inspired by the human form, YVE’s design elements make it unique. From that inspiration emerges YVE’s sculptured towers, two buildings that marry into one. Glass is the key element design.

YVE is set to challenge ‘masculine’ aesthetics, the hard edges and straight lines that define the city skyline. With 210 apartments and 20 storeys, YVE’s voluptuous curves incorporate a continous ribbon of concertina glass, complemented by Japanese-inspired reflecting ponds and cascading water walls, giving the building a far more feminine appearance than most of Melbourne’s architecture. Buyers today are not looking for a standard residential building in a high rise they want something unique which this building is and has from the design to the finishes.

Amenities include 24 hour concierge, an executive lounge, a boardroom, wine cellar, cages and a European gymnasium and health spa with heated pool, sauna and steam rooms as well as a theaterette.

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