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Apartment Works, Renovations & Alterations

Apartment Works, Renovations & Alterations

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YVE General Information

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Yve Access and Security

House Rules


To ensure that the environment and living standards at Yve Apartments are maintained to your expectations and high standards, the building management team have prepared a set of House Rules and other general building information to assist you.

If you are leasing and require a full copy of the Owners Corporation rules please contact Gregor Evans ( at The Knight Alliance.

Residents are asked to advise the Building Manager or The Knight Alliance of any incident, damage or breakdown of any equipment that occurs on the common property. Arrangements will then be made to undertake the necessary investigation and repairs.

The building management team trusts that the following information assists in making your home at Yve Apartments an enjoyable and pleasant place to live.


The Knight Alliance provides Owners Corporation services. The company ensures that the Owners Corporation operates in accordance with the Owners Corporations Act, and is accountable for all the administrative, secretarial and accounting requirements.

Your key contact is Greg or Evans. He can be contacted as follows:

Office: 9509 3144
Facsimile: 9509 3188
Address: PO Box 678, MALVERN VIC 3144


The Building Manager is Ozker O’Connell. Oz is responsible for the day -to- day onsite management of Yve Apartments.
He can be contacted as follows:

Office: 9553 8550
Mobile: 0488 191 333
Facsimile: 9533 8552
Address: 576-578 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE VIC 3004

The Concierge staff are based in the lobby entrance area and are rostered to work 7 days a week 24 hours a day, including public holidays.

If you have any queries or questions please either contact or visit the Concierge as follows:

Office: 9553 8550
Mobile: 0428 127 077
Facsimile: 9533 8552


The automatic fire sprinkler system is linked to the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB). Each level has fire extinguishers. In the corridors there are smoke detectors that are also linked
to the MFB.

The apartments have smoke detectors and activate a local alarm in your apartment only.

The emergency evacuation plan is displayed on each level next to the Lifts. Please familiarise yourself with the emergency evacuation plans, the exit points and assembly areas.

If any resident is likely to require assistance in the event of an emergency, due to a temporary or permanent disability, please leave your details with the Concierge. The Concierge provides a Resident Assistance Program. Should a resident or visitor of a resident accidentally set off a fire alarm, the offender will be required to pay for the cost of the fire services
call. Fire services will attend at an approximate cost of $1500 per appliance.

Please ensure at no time that cooking smoke from your apartment e.g.burnt toast, is allowed to access your floor corridor. This may cause the smoke detectors in the corridors to activate and call the fire brigade. If there is excessive cooking smoke, switch on your exhaust fans and open a window or balcony door.


Please be mindful of your neighbours and do not create any noise or behave in a manner likely to annoy them. As a guide no noise should be heard from outside your apartment door and all balcony activity and noise should cease after 12 midnight.


No smoking is permitted on any common property area including the foyers, lifts, stairwells, swimming pool, gymnasium, boardroom, lounge, theatre, toilet, mailroom, car park and facilities.


DO NOT drop or throw any cigarette butts or litter from windows or balconies. Please ensure any items placed on balconies are properly secured.

You must not hang any items e.g. mops, clothes, laundry and bedding or towels on your balcony at any time.


The rubbish chutes are located on all floors and are available for the disposal of securely bagged rubbish. Under no circumstances is this facility to be used for the disposal of bottles or large cartons. All containers must be emptied before they are placed in the chute.

Recycle bins are located on car park basement levels 1, 3 & 5. Glass & plastic bottles are to be left in the recycle bins and all cardboard boxes are to be flattened and placed in the large flattened boxes bins also located on basement levels 1, 3, & 5. Hard rubbish collections are organised quarterly.The removal of any items outside of these times must be arranged by the resident and not left in the basements. Please contact the Concierge for directions and assistance.

Any tradespeople undertaking works on your behalf must clear and dispose of all rubbish and debris from the building.


If you notice anyone acting suspiciously in the building please contact the Concierge or Building Manager. Please accompany your visitors whilst they are in common property areas. Residents must allow access to guests, via the intercom, to access the lift, Concierge are not permitted to swipe up guests or residents to levels. If you are leaving a set of keys for a contractor or your cleaner, be sure to leave a swipe otherwise they will not be able to gain access to your level.

If you require any additional swipes and remotes, please contact the Concierge. Tenants can purchase through their Real Estate Agent and Owners directly from the front desk.


Tradespeople must only work in your apartment between 9.30am and 4.30pm weekdays and Saturdays. Please refer to the Owners Corporation Rules for details in advising Building Management of intended works.


Parking is restricted to your own parking lot/s. Please do not park in another resident’s lot.
Please note that for visitor parking, this must be booked in advance. Please see Concierge for further details. Parking lots must be kept clean and tidy and not be used for storage of any household furniture, boxes, sporting equipment and other goods.

Please also ensure your vehicle does not leak oil. The cost to clean up oil from your car park lot will be forwarded on to the owner of the lot.

The Owners Corporation is not responsible for any damage sustained to the resident’s vehicle while entering or leaving the car park, or the theft of any vehicle or its contents while parked in the car park.

15 Minute – Convenience parking can be found on basement 1 for dropping off shopping or quick pickups. Designated Resident Only parking is located on basement levels 1 to 5. All bays are numbered as per the apartment number. Access is via Queens Lane.


Please make sure that your mailbox is regularly cleared of all mail and papers. Leaflet drops are not allowed without Committee approval.


The Cinema, Massage Therapy room, Boardroom and Executive Lounge can be booked through the Concierge. In some circumstances a bond of $500 may apply and additional staffing required (subject to Chairman approval). Contractors engaged for the provision of catering or massage services must provide a public liability of insurance to utilize the facilities. All facilities must be left in the same condition as found.


Please observe the rules in relation to the use of the swimming pool & gymnasium. Open times are 5.00am until 12am, 7 days a week.

The swimming pool is for the use of residents and no more than two guests at any one time.
All users of the swimming pool should shower prior to using the pool and must dry off and wear shoes before exiting the pool area.

The gymnasium is for the use of residents only. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the gym. Cameras or mobile phones with cameras are not permitted in the gym.

All residents must be professionally instructed in the use of the equipment prior to having access to the gymnasium. Please contact the Concierge in relation to the induction. Personal trainers must provide a public liability of insurance to utilize the facilities.


Located in the corridors on each level in cupboards are the water and electrical meters. Access is by Building Management only. Please see the Concierge if access is required.


Ball games, rollerblading or skateboarding is not permitted on any part of the common property including the car park, garden pavement or lawn areas.


If you wish to have a parcel delivered or are expecting one please see the Concierge. Should a parcel arrive a note will be left in your letterbox to arrange pick up.

Please be present to accept large bulky deliveries. The Concierge are able to accept parcels no larger than a standard wine box due to minimal storage space.

THE Concierge will take all care but no responsibility for any item/parcel discrepancies.


You are responsible for connection of the facilities within your apartment. The supply for common gas (cook top only) is provided through the Owners Corporation.


Only resident’s pets are permitted in apartments. Residents must ensure their pets are controlled at all times. All pets must be leashed, carried or properly restrained at all times when on or in common areas. If any animal creates any mess in any of the common areas it must be cleaned up thoroughly and the area deodorised immediately by the pet’s owner or supervisor.

If any animal causes a nuisance it will result in the Owners Corporation issuing a caution to the owner and if the problem continues the Owners Corporation will order the immediate removal of the animal. With the above in mind it is in your interest to demonstrate the utmost consideration to neighbours at all times.

Cat and dog litter must be double bagged, tied securely before being placed in the rubbish chute.


Lifts must be booked through Concierge for all deliveries, moves or apartment works. The lift can only be booked between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Deliveries or moves on weekends or Public Holidays are not allowed.

If a lift stops for any reason, do not panic. Press the emergency call button in the lift and speak with the lift technician at the Otis Lifts call centre.


Any costs associated with damage to common areas whilst moving of items is the responsibility of the resident. The moving of all furniture and goods in and out of the building must be made by arrangement with the Concierge. Residents are encouraged to notify the Concierge and complete paperwork at least three days before their move/delivery to ensure that the lift is available for use and that protective covers are installed in the allotted lift to protect lift walls and floor surface. Booking of lifts are based on a first-come, first-served basis and two lifts cannot be used simultaneously.

Moves/deliveries are only permitted between 9:30am and 5:00pm (Monday to Friday excluding Public Holiday). Any moves/deliveries arriving before 9:30am and after 5:00pm will be turned away. Weekend moves/deliveries are not permitted. The moving of all furniture and goods is permitted only through the Residents Car Park entrance at the rear of the building on Queens Lane. This also applies to tradesmen bringing in any material. Residents (or their designated representative) must be present to receive all furniture and goods. The Concierge is not permitted to receive any furniture and goods on a resident’s behalf or give delivery personnel access to A resident’s apartment. Residents must notify the Concierge when furniture and goods arrive to the obtain loading bay and lift access. Residents must use care when transporting furniture or bulky items in the lifts and common areas. On completion of the move/delivery, residents are responsible for ensuring that all rubbish is cleared from public areas. Residents must ensure that all cartons and packing crates are placed in the rubbish room situated on the ground floor at the rear of the building. If any damage arises from the moving of a residents’ goods or if areas are left untidy or in need of cleaning, the Building Manager will arrange the rectification works as required and an account will be rendered for the required cleaning and/or repairs.

  • Move in/out & Delivery Form is required
  • Removalist’s Public Liability Insurance – Certificate of Currency is required
  • Bond of $500 applies to all moves, large deliveries or apartment works


Please note that The Knight Alliance has a 24 hour / seven days a week pager service for common property emergency issues, should the Concierge or the Building Manager be unable to assist.


Police: 000
Ambulance: 000
Fire Brigade: 000
24 Hour Medical Emergency Care
Alfred Hospital, Commercial road, Prahran:
(03) 9276 2000
Melway Ref 2L D9
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Grattan Street, Parkville:
(03) 9342 7000
Melway Ref 2B A7
Royal Children’s Hospital, Flemington Road, Parkville:
(03) 9345 5522
Melway Ref 2A J5
Poisons Information Centre Lifeline Phone:
131 126
Lifeline Phone:
131 114
Public Transport
Metlink trams, trains and buses:
131 638
Silver Top Taxis:
131 008
Yellow Cabs:
131 924
Embassy Taxis:
131 755


Nearest Police Station – Chapel Street St Kilda Metropolitan Fire and Emergency (MFB): (03) 9536 2666
City of Port Phillip Council: (03) 9662 2311
Water – South East Water: (03) 9209 6777
Gas – AGL: 132 812
Electricity – Origin: 131 692
Telstra Connections: 132 461
Foxtel: 132 200

Australia Post: 600 St Kilda Road

Thank you for taking the time to read the information provided.


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Apartment Works, Renovations & Alterations.


This Action Plan sets down the procedure to be followed by the Owners Corporation Committee, the OC Manager and the Building Manager, to ensure a uniform and expedient system for building works, renovations and alterations to Units in YVE Apartment.


Building Works to your Lot

  • You must obtain the Owners Corporation’s prior written consent to any Building works to be undertaken within or about or related to your Lot.
  • You must attend to the payment of all the Owners Corporation’s costs associated with your request for their consent to the Building Works.
  • You must provide payment of up to $2500 surety bond prior to the commencement of works
  • In considering your request for consent to the Building Works, you must provide the Owners Corporation with:

Copies of all plans and specifications relating to the Building Works;
i. Copies of all required permits, approvals and / or consents under all relevant Laws including but not limited to, council by-Laws and regulations for the Building Works.
ii. Any further particulars relating to the Building Works as requested by the Owners Corporation from time to time.
iii. Evidence and proof that any installation will not affect the external appearance of the Building.

  • You must not proceed or permit any contractor or other third party to proceed with any Building Works until you have:

i. Received written consent to the Building Works from the Owners Corporation;
ii. Entered into a “Building Works Agreement” with the Owners Corporation with respect to the Building Works;
iii. Paid the Owners Corporation the nominated bond as determined by the Owners Corporation Committee of Management;
iv. Caused to be affected and maintained during the period of the Building Works, Work Cover insurance and public liability insurance to the satisfaction of the Owners Corporation;
v. Delivered a copy of the insurance policies and certificates of currency with respect to the insurance policies referred to in Rules 7.4.4 iv to the Owners Corporation; (see website for full OC Rules)
vi. Implemented appropriate measures to minimise the occurrence of any nuisance, annoyance, disturbance and inconvenience from building operations to other Lot owners or Occupiers.

  • The Building Works Agreement is to include directions of the Owners Corporation with respect to:

i. Building operations;
ii. Means of access to the Building and the Lot the subject of the Building Works;
iii. Use of Common Property;
iv. On-site management and Building protection;
v. Hours of work;
vi. The supervision of your contractors, servants or agents.

  • The following restrictions apply to all Building Works:

i. Building materials must not be stacked or stored in the front side or rear of the Building;
ii. Scaffolding must not be erected on the Common Property or the exterior of the Building;
iii. Construction work must comply with all Laws of the relevant statutory and governmental authorities;
iv. The exterior and the Common Property of the Building must at all times be maintained in a clean, tidy and safe state;
v. Construction Vehicles and construction workers’ Vehicles must not be brought onto, or parked in or on the Common Property.

  • When carrying out Building Works you must:

i. Use qualified, reputable and where appropriate, licensed contractors which have been approved by the Owners Corporation;
ii. Carry out Building Works in a proper manner and to the satisfaction of the Owners Corporation;
iii. Carry out Building Works in accordance with the Building Works agreement;
iv. Repair any damage you or any person carrying out Building Works on your behalf may cause to the property or property of another Resident or Occupier or to other parts of the Building;
v. Ensure that your contractors, servants or agents adhere to these Rules and in particular, to the terms and conditions of the Building Works agreement;
vi. Ensure that all contractors and / or tradesmen only use the area designated by the Owners Corporation for their entry and exit to the Building.

  • You must indemnify the Owners Corporation for any costs and I or liabilities incurred by the Owners Corporation in making good any damage to Common Property or property of another Resident or Occupier or to any part of the Building caused as a result of the Building Works.
  • Before any works can proceed you must lodge a bond with the Building Manager. The amount of the bond will depend on the scope of the work being undertaken and be set by the Owners Corporation

Flooring in apartments:

The Owners Corporation requires that the underlay meets an appropriate acoustic rating for flooring which is to be installed in apartment buildings. Included in the required specification is the impact isolation coefficient rating. The Owners Corporation requires a 5 Star Rating as specified on the AAAC Guidelines on page 9 section C Impact Isolation Of Floors.

It should be noted for the calculation that it is believed the following specifications are in place in the apartment:

  • 180-200mm thick concrete
  • 13mm plasterboard suspended from a light steel grid
  • R2.2 thermal insulation batts to cavity

Any test reports provided by installers / underlay manufacturers should be comparative to the apartment specifications listed.

NB: Information to owner re: installation of hard flooring

If you are to install hard flooring within your apartment the most important issue is the possibility of the transference of noise to the detriment of adjoining apartments to the extent that there is a loss of quiet enjoyment by the occupants which if occurs is in breach of Rule 3.2.1.


All building work must comply with Owners Corporation P.S. 514665E Rules 7 – Building Works, Renovations and Alterations.

Builders and Tradespersons are required to contact the Building Manager before commencing work in the building.

Work may not commence until the Owners Corporation has given approval for the project.

The Building Manager must be contacted to arrange appropriate designated parking and the use of the lift at pre-arranged times.

Building Manager: Oz O’Connell
Mobile telephone: 0488 191 333


9.00 am to 4.00 pm | Monday to Friday

No work is to be carried out on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays

Proprietors, Builders and Tradespersons are asked to consider the welfare of other Residents, and to keep access doors clear and hallways in a tidy and clean condition.

All contractors are to provide and up to date JSA for the job and relevant Public Liability and Work Cover Insurance prior to commencing works.

Any damage to Yve Apartments will be charged to the Proprietor and/or Builder.


  • Access to residents car park is via Queens Lane
  • Delivery of building materials, equipment and removal of rubbish or building waste is via B1 car-park.
  • Builders and Trades parking in along Queens Lane in the loading bay or in resident’s carpark bay


ONLY PADDED LIFTS is to be used for transportation of goods.

Protective carpets and curtains must be installed when the lift is used for this purpose.

Drop sheets and protective equipment must be provided for and used in common areas during work times. Any mess made by contractors in the common areas must be cleaned up at the end of each day with rubbish taken off site, not using the buildings waste disposal system.
Lifts can only be put to this use during:

Contractors walking through the building – Employees of contractors are not to enter or exit through the front foyer anytime, all access is through the resident’s car park pedestrian door ONLY. Exceptions only if specific assistance is required directly with the front desk.

Mon-Fri: 9.00am – 4.00pm

Advance notice IN WRITING to the Building Manager must be given for any movement of furniture, building materials or goods:
Building Manager: Oz O’Connell
Mobile telephone: 0488 191 333

Should you require the full version or wish to apply for OC Approval for your apartment works please contact Oz O’Connell at or by phone 03 9533 8550.